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1) Imation DVD-R & DVD-R/+RW media

   Reliable way to archive large files.

Description Unit Item Code
DVD-R 4.7GB Single sided Each IMA 66000057589
DVD+RW 4.7GB Single sided Each IMA-66000052887

2) Verbatim datalifeplus DVD-R/+R media
   4.7GB capacity. Propritary Metal AZO recording dye.
   Superior archial life. Read compatible with DVD-ROM      drives and DVD-video players.
   Lifetime warranty.

Description Unit Item Code
DVD-R 4.7GB S/Sided 4X Each ACO-94375
DVD+R 4.7GB S/Sided 4X Each ACO-94472

3) Verbatim DVD-RW/+RW re-writable media
   240 min/4.7GB capacity. Proprietary SERL technology.
   Superior archial life. Read compatible with DVD-video      players and DVD-ROM drives.
   Lifetime Warranty.

Description Unit Item Code
DVD-RW 4.7GB Single sided EACH ACO-94501
DVD+RW 4.7GB Single sided EACH ACO-93717

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