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1) Pritt Compact Correction Roller

   Non-refillable roll on action dispenser.
   Can be written on immediately after application.

Description Unit Item Code
4.2 mmX8.5m Each HEN-208114
8.4 mmX8.5m Each HEN-213400
4.2 mmX6m Mini Each HEN-346384

2) Liquid Paper® Drying Grip Correction Tape
   Ergonomically designed with rubber grip for comfort and      control.
   Applies dry in order to write over corrections instantly.
   Features translucent case to view remaining tape.

Description Unit Item Code
5 mmX8.5mm Each SAN-S20012004

3) Marbig Correction Tape
   Bond white correction tape, which provides instant cover for     most corrections.
   Can be written on immediately after application.
   Precise and Mini tape are narrower for when detailed      corrections are needed such as word-processed documents.

Description Unit Item Code
4 mmX8m Precise Each ACO-975191
4.2 mmX5m Mini Each ACO-975194
5mmX8m SideWinder Each ACO-975737

4) Pritt Vario Correction Rollers (Twistable Nib)
   Modern high quality design suitable for right and left handers.
   Handy ergonomical.

Description Unit Item Code
4.2mmX8.5m Each HEN-216167


   Unique pen style with special grip zone on barrel.
    Features clip for attaching to binders.
    Long lasting 6m tape length.

Description Unit Item Code
5 mmX6mm Each BIC-6254

   Refillable correction tape dispenser.
   Transparent dispenser shows the amount of tape left.
   Features rubber grip for comfort with a retractable grip.
    Tape reel prevents looping. 

Description Unit Item Code
5mmx12mm(Dispenser) Each SAN-20022042
5mmx12mm(Refill) Each SAN-20022041


7) Pritt CORRECT -IT REFILLABLE Correcting Rollers
   A correcting system that rolls on dry and can be written on      immediately.
   Refillable - does not dry up in its dispenser - each refill      contains 12 meters of tape.
   Does not leave shadows on photocopies.

Description Unit Item Code
Ergo 8.4mm (Dispenser) Each ESS-46935
Ergo 8.4mm (Refill) Each ESS-46936
Ergo 4.2mm (Dispenser) Each ESS-46933
Ergo 4.2mm (Refill) Each ESS-46934

8) POST-IT® Cover-up and Correction Tape
   Comes in a handy dispenser.
   Ideal for covering and making changes.
   Removes and repositions easily without damage, so the      original document can be reused.

Description Unit Item Code
652 2 Line-8.4mm Roll THM-0232736
658 6 Line-25.4mm Roll THM-0193326

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